What a lovely spot in the meatpacking district of NYC – Gallow Green is a unique roof top oasis – I could have stayed forever! Tons of tables as well as tucked in little spots (including a unique traincar area)

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to connect with my online audience & friends. It’s always magic to connect locals to one another as well! We arrived early and secured the side couch area which is a GREAT spot to get a small group together for drinks, laughs & chats.

Mia Voss – Live from a rooftop in NYC | Facebook

Live from a rooftop in NYC

And here’s another perspective!

John De Socio – John De Socio was live. | Facebook

John De Socio was live.

GREAT to see Jennifer Walsh, Rafael Luciano, Chef Lizette López De Arriaga, Cadi Jordan, Dr, Craig Zebuda, Hassan Sayyed, Chris Baier, Burgos Pangilinan and John & Michele DeSocio!

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Rafael Luciano – Having fun with the new Samsung #Gear360… | Facebook

Having fun with the new Samsung #Gear360 thanks for the invite to meet all your friends Mia Voss