Sometimes it’s fun to have drinks with your friends virtually! Livestream recorded Friday 8/19/16 – I love giving shoutout & hearing what everyone is up to!

And hey, for my traveler friends, go to – I’m a Brand Ambassador for them & have a fancy code for you if you’d like to become a member! They are a brand new membership club and by using the code MiaOnTheGo, you get a 25% discount for the 1st year’s Beta Explorer Membership. If you are a frequent traveler, you’ll recoup your investment so fast, your head will spin. You get access to 4 & 5 star hotels at drastically reduced rates (and that’s just part of the benefits).  Use the MiaOnTheGo code in the “Where did you hear about us” section. And yes, this is an affiliate link for a company I’m totally digging. 🙂

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It’s five o clock somewhere…