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Random Livestreaming in NYC

And then there was that time I hung out in my old stomping ground – New York City. And it was cold and rainy the whole time (yes, early May in NYC is fickle). Like that dampened my enthusiasm! Featured in the livestreaming: Restaurants in the Bronx, (La Cantina & Mike’s Deli), Pod 39 in […]

Because wherever you go, that’s where you are.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 12 months traveling. A LOT. Like a lot a lot. Some of the journeys have been for weeks at a time. Austin, DC, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New York, Milan, Florence, Rome, and a few points in between. I call myself a travel blogger […]


An Epic Road Trip with Mia Voss

Admit it. EVERYONE loves a road trip! (Ok, even if you don’t, just act like you do, it will be fun!) And now YOU can experience the Road Trip adventure without leaving the comfort of your keyboard. Follow the adventures of #MiaOnTheGo as we take you from Denver (the Gateway of the Rockies) out to Los Angeles. […]

WHAT is Mia On The Go?

Mia Voss is an experience ambassador who LOVES talking about the things she loves! She’s been traveling the world and sharing her experiences with her audience and fans. Everything from food to wine, motorcycles and cars, adventures and experiences. Mia Voss is an experience junky and wants to take you along with her. Since 2012, […]