I had a chance to test drive the 2018 @BMW X3 xDrive30i for a week thanks to Automotive Media Solutions! Here’s what I thought about this fun & fancy SUV and a description of all the bells & whistles included.

$42,450 Base MSRP
$57,620 with Upgrades including:
– Leather seating – $1,700
– Convenience Package, which features a panoramic moonroof, comfort access keyless entry, satellite radio, and adjustable lumbar support – $2,850
– Driving Assistance Package, with active blind-spot detection and lane-departure warning – $900
– Premium Package, with heated seats, heated steering wheel, navigation, a head-up display, and remote services – $3,300
– Parking Assistance Pkg – Parking Assistant Plus, Active Park -Distance Control, Review View Camera Surround view with 3D
– Apple CarPlay – $300
– Wireless Charging – $500
– Harmon Kardon Surround Sound – $875

Consumer Reports considers it “among the Best Luxury Compact SUVs & it combines refinement, comfort, and driving enjoyment in an attractive package” I second that emotion! This thing was fully loaded obviously – here are a few of my highlights with my week-long driving experience:

• Gas Mileage – approx 25 mpg combined city/hwy – pretty amazing for an SUV with so many bells & whistles
• Driving Modes: Eco, Comfort & Sport – I tried all three and enjoyed comfort the most. Quietest ride & not to tough on gas mileage
• Speaker system – excellent. Not sure what the system is like when it’s not the upgraded Harmon Kardon but if you are on the road quite a bit, it’s a nice upgrade
• Parking Assistant Plus – this entire package was pretty amazing. I’ll admit, it took us a few tries to get the system to work – I’m assuming it was a bit of initial user error. On one hand I think these features are amazing (and the camera quality is off the charts since it’s 360 – great for prevention of running over things when pulling into a small garage or space. On the other hand though, it definitely keeps your parking skills at a minimum if you get too used to it!
• The heated front and rear seats is worth the additional $350 upgrade if you live in colder climes like I do and are trekking around passengers/kids
• Very quiet cabin interior overall
• Paraphrasing from Consumer Reports again, this description nails it: “sharp, sporty handling, which gives you a feeling of control and precision, and encourages you to search out curvy roads” yeah, the curvy roads part is definitely me.
• I no longer have an Iphone so I couldn’t take advantage of CarPlay but I hear it works well. BMW won’t be integrating Android Auto into its vehicles and has no plans to ever do so due to interface complications (that’s what they are saying)
•The dashboard is jampacked which may be a little too busy for some people –
•The “heads up” display on the windshield is definitely worth it (it’s part of the premium package) – excellent for helping to keep your eyes on the road because the navigation directions are visible!
•Engine stop and restart – this is still something that takes a bit to get used to when you first jump into a BMW! Disconcerting at first for sure but I wouldn’t bother with disabling it as some people do.

Overall, quite a luxurious ride for $57K!

As always, all opinions provided are my very own.

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  1. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Driving another BMW and had fun reviewing this video to see some of the differences between the 3 series and 5 series. BMW really is a driving experience even in the 3 series SUV. Some bells and whistles to get used to but the parking assist is really cool!!

  2. Honey Rowland
    Honey Rowland says:

    Heated leather seats?
    Blind spot detection?
    Rear view camera AND
    Heads up display?!

    As a short person into safety features that is cold nearly year round I SO appreciate having those affordable options! Plus, as a redhead…that blue would look nice and reminds me of my Sexy Beast of a hubby’s eyes.


  3. Defensive Driver
    Defensive Driver says:

    I just happened to come across your review & I have to completely agree with all of your opinions! I recently purchased the x3 and I can say that I love the safety side of it. A stupid driver rear-ended my beautiful Cadillac XT5 almost 2 months ago and totalled it. I was sitting stopped at a red light and from the over 40 mph impact, was pushed into a flatbed tow truck. Frightening to say the least. I never wanted to drive again. Obviously, living in the Dallas area, I have to. I did pretty extensive research into safe SUVs–compact and mid-sized. Even though I was told by many people that my XT5 saved my life, I could not get into a new one without having flashbacks of the sound and smell of the airbags, sound of the impact, etc. Also, suddenly, the beautiful Cadillac XT5 felt so large and empty. I decided to look at the x1s, too small…the x5s were too open feeling. The x3 is so comfy and makes me feel hugged and safe! Every safety feature is worth its price as far as my family and I concerned. I’m thankful for the means and the ability to be able to just get up and purchase this car 2 weeks after my accident. I cannot say it enough, the Cadillac XT5 did it’s job–it kept me safe, alive and in one piece because it took the impact and for that, I am thankful for the 3 Cadillacs I owned. I can say that I will be a BMW owner for a while because I have never felt so safe running daily errands. I’m also thankful I got one because I know there are waiting lists for these hot little vehicles. 🙂

    • Mia Voss
      Mia Voss says:

      Awww, RIP to your Cadillac XT5! Great to hear that it kept you safe and sound. Thank you for sharing your car buying experience and how you made your decisions. I bet you are toddling around town in STYLE now!!!


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