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Boston and Maine - Dogs Days of Summer! August 18-27

Excited to announce the next adventure and another collaboration with Lexus! The adventure starts in Boston in the Seaport. I’ll be driving the Lexus RX 350 and I can’t think of a better ride to cruise around Boston in and then jump on the highway to the wilds of Maine!

I’m looking forward to connecting with local influencers in Boston at Ocean Prime – stay tuned for details!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Club1Hotels.com for this trip and future trips as well. Make sure to check out their exclusive new membership so that you too can be fancy. 😀

Fall Foliage in the Colorado Mountains

226856_1050126769848_3558_nStay tuned for details on a mini road trip from Denver to the mountains. September is AMAZEBALLS in the mountains and the aspen leaves turn from vibrant green to sparkly pants yellow!  You’ll find out soon what I’ll be driving and where I’ll be staying! #AnyoneWantToGuess ?

More Midwest Fun! Chicago & Champaign

I liked going back to the heartland so much that I decided to do it again.  This time the fun starts in Chicago. Join me as I meet up with my new collaborative partners at Club1Hotels.com, a new concierge-style private global luxury hotel club. Yes, it’s the cool kids club and you need to join as well.

I’ll then head back down to my hometown of Champaign to regroup with Visit Champaign County and experience the beginning of harvest and University of Illinois Football season. Also, look for the following shenanigans: Pygmalion Festival (http://www.thepygmalionfestival.com/) and the Flannel Festival from the Champaign Park District (https://champaignparks.com/flannel-fest/). Yes, it’s the Midwest and it’s going to be ENTERTAINING.

Driven - The Show: Seatle to San Diego - October 22-30

Join me along with Courtney Kramer as we travel from Seattle to San Diego and all points in between. We’ll be jumping on the road and visiting friends and businesses along the way. Join the adventure with these two heart-driven entrepreneurs who love to laugh, make others’ laugh & connect everyone together. Small business is the heartbeat of America and we want to find out what makes them driven and introduce them to our audience.

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I promise to be entertaining…