Let’s sum this up right now and I’ll just hope that you keep reading: The Toyota #Tundra was badassery in the form of a V8 Truck. Period. Done.Woman And a Truck. Drops mic, walks off the stage.

Ok, tired of reading? Watch this quick fun video!

Common logic would lean toward women driving smaller cars or soccer mom SUV’s – oh contraire, mon frere. Women need to get one of these too! If anything, just for the big big feeling of barreling down the highway and not worrying about anything in your way. The view from a greater height is certainly appreciated too.  One of my most exhilirating moments was when I got the nod of approval from a group of high school kids in the Walgreens parking lot.  I sat there and basked in their warm glow of the teenage approval. This was after I gently ran up on the curb in order to get INTO the parking lot. (Yes, apparently you can experience that as a 50 year old woman.)

FullSizeRender (2)

But my fave fave fave moment of my week-long driving experierence was hanging out with Jessica Bachus, Founder of Dolls for Daughters. Girlfraahn and I loaded up a huge truck bed of toys for children in the Colorado Front Range. Big shoutout to Target – what a great selection of fun toys (although that one cart I picked left something to be desired #SqueakyWheel #SoonToBeRetired).

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Founded in 2007, Dolls for Daughters collects more than 20,000 toys, stocking stuffers, books, toothbrush and toothpaste kits & more. So fun to take advantage of the big ol’ truck bed and pack it full of toys for our community.FullSizeRender (3)

Alright, finally, here are my highlight moments of the 2015 Tundra TRD Pro DBL Cab 5.7L V8:

Giddyup: aww yeah, this thing can GO. I mean, like the wind.

Truck bed/cab capacity: GINORMOUS. The #Tundra also helped to facilitate a few “clear out the storage space” trips. I was able to fit a TON into the truck bed AND the cab. If I was in the mood, I could’ve packed 5 adults plus Mia into that bad boy.

Driver/Front Area Efficiency: There is Jethro Bodine Bowl sized (that means big, look it up in Urban Dictionary) sized console in between the two front seats. A mini cooler in there!

Warm Booty Factor: None. This model had upholstered seats and didn’t have the option to instaheat my behind but honestly, the truck heated up so quickly so no worries on this one. And not to characterize (but hey, I will!) I’m assuming that most people will be wearing their Carhartts on the way to a jobsite so they don’t need no stinkin’ car seat warmers (that’s the construction nerd in me sneaking out)

Ok, so, the big question is: What Was Missing? 2 major items for this 5’7″ woman:  Running Boards and an “Oh Sh#t” handle on the drivers’ side. For some reason, this model did NOT have those and I definitely suggest you get them both, even if you are tall enough to not need them. Anyone getting into your truck below the height of 6′ will need them and hey, why discriminate with your shawtys?

One Drawback: parking this bad boy in any kind of urban setting. Unless you have master-blaster parallel parking skills, leave the truck at home and Uber it. 🙂

Toyota, keeping making those awesome vehicles!

2015-11-10 14.54.39-1