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Thanks to Lexus & Holiday Inn DC for the comped car & accomodations! #ForConsideration

Despite the most dreary of weather patterns, DC was a charmer as usual.

Here are the highlights

White House Correspondents Association Pre-Dinner Cocktail Party:
Let’s face it, not many people are cool enough to get into the dinner. I am one of those not cool enough people…so I was beyond thrilled just to get an invite to the cocktail party! ABC News & Yahoo News put together quite an event at the Washington Hilton (aka “Hinckley Hotel” – this is where John Hinckley attempted to assassinate Reagan back in 1981 – creepy little factoid). Contrary to what you would think the #WHCD is actually held at the hotel, not at the White House (who knew?! Not me! Also known as “Nerd Prom”, the event is where DC and Hollywood meet for one fabulous night and watch the sparks fly & this year was no exception. President Obama, attending his last in office, was quite the hit with his speech.

Highlights for me:

-Running up on Madeleine Albright for a selfie

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– Telling Don Lemon that I got a selfie with Madeleine Albright and that he would have to find her for sloppy seconds

2016-04-30 18.00.54

– Trying not to act like I’ve had a crush on Scott Foley for the past 10 years

2016-04-30 18.11.04

– Telling the Commandant that I “Liked his outfit” and him not punching me. In fairness, I did follow up with “well, my outfit is bought but yours is earned”

2016-04-30 18.39.10

– Accosting Huey Lewis

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Watch the livestream shenanigans:

Big shout to Stacia Desishku, my lovely date, for letting me be HER date and to Kurt for sharing his lovely date with me. 🙂

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CNN Hangover Party – What a gala! Held at the Long View Gallery – it was an eye popping bash. Full of food, fun and a cast of characters from CNN.

Yes, I ran up on Wolf Blitzer

and my friend from my NYC days, Spencer Garrett

There were a plethora of pre-WHCD parties, one of which was the Independent Journal Review/Tinder Party at The W Hotel. Yes, I said Tinder. Suffice it to say, I brought the median age up in the room by 15 years when I walked in but I held my ground. The “Swipe Right/Swipe Left for the Vote” theme was clever. 😉

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Another interesting event that I basically snuck into last minute: Politico Playbook Lunch Event at the Newseum. POLITICO’s Chief White House Correspondent Mike Allen took Playbook live for a special White House Correspondents’ Association Weekend conversation with Host of “Billy on the Street” and from Hulu’s “Difficult People”, Billy Eichner, President of Production of Funny or Die, Mike Farah, Head Writer/Producer for Funny or Die DC, David Litt, and Press Secretary to the First Lady, Joanna Rosholm. SUPER interesting to the stories behind presidential speech writing, FLOTUS and basically how the White House handles humor – You can watch the whole show here:

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Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Event – What a fun venue put on by Tien Wong, CEO of Tech 2000 and Appnetic and the mastermind behind this amazing group. Tien is truly one of my favorite people in DC!  We met last year at the Fosterly Collaborate event (check out our interview from 2015  – he looks great in a tiara!)  This event brought together over 500 angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, inventors and more. The event included a fireside chat with ark Walsh, Associate Administrator, Office of Investment and Innovation, U.S. Small Business Administration, Executive Chairman, HomeSnap and Co-Founder and CEO, Genius Rocket (@walsh). Mark was funny and informative and gave out some great tips to all the startups in the room (and there were a LOT).  The folks from SpeakerBox did a great synopsis job on the event so why reinvent the wheel? Read all about it here and here.

One more thing, interesting quote from Mark Shaw when the topic of the upcoming election was raised. I’m going to paraphrase but basically he said:  “The perspective of those who live outside the US is that this election is too important to leave just to the US. What we do here effects everyone around the world.”  BOOM

2016-04-28 11.31.32

My good friend Bill Reed and I got to tour the ABC News office with my fabulous friend Stacia Philips Deshisku who is the Deputy Bureau News Chief (and previously mentioned date to the WHCD!).  Yeah, I’ll admit it -she’s kind of a big deal. And a fun person to hang out with! It was “Take Your Kid To Work Day” so just added “Take A Mia Voss To Work Day” into the mix. Super fun to be at a network and nerd out!

2016-04-28 14.30.48Overall, it was an amazing trip. File under: You Can’t Make This Schtuff Up!

Holiday Inn DC – One of my favorite places to stay when I visit DC. They were my road trip sponsor and my room was just fabulous!

Big shout of thanks to Lexus! I got to run the streets of DC in the Lexus RX 350. All I have to say is: V8. And I don’t mean the drink.  Check out my review:

Travel Protip – can’t remember where you went? use Google Locator – that’ll remind you (in a slightly creepy way). You see exactly where you went, how long you were there, etc. It just won’t tell you how much money you spent! $$$

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