This car loan from Toyota was in exchange for my very opinionated opinion!

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2019 Toyota CH-R XLE Silver

  • MSRP $22,980
  • Total: $24,710 (included upgrades & delivery)
  • Fuel Economy:  27 City / 31 Highway / 29 Overall
  • Engine: 2.0 L 4-cylinder
  • 144 HP


  • Puddle Lights – why do they cause such delight? It’s a branding tool for sure but the projection of the logo not only feel fancy but emit just enough light to be comforting.
  • Hidden-type-design rear door handles gave it a sleek & sporty exterior look
  • Let’s talk colors: Blue Flame is a bright color that has a primer/flat look initially but is incredibly eye catching. I call it “painters tape” blue. I really liked it! It was bright enough to be able to find easily in parking lots, etc. but also had a classy and slightly muted feel to it. Combine that with the sporty design of the C-HR and it was a winner for me.
  • Amazing Fuel Economy: Combined: 29 MPG
  • Standard Safety Technology includes Safety Sense, Lane Departure Alert, Blind Spot Monitoring and more
  • Fun interior design touches & color variations


  • Entune Audio Plus w/ App Suite – $685


  • Biggest downside: not available in 4WD – I did a test drive in August so it seemed adequate, if a bit sluggish on the highway.
  • Here’s what Kelley Blue Book had to say: Backseat upgrades are very sparse: no plug ins or middle seat fold down features & also not adult friendly – only good for short rides
  • Engine is underpowered. For a front-drive-only subcompact-crossover SUV, the 2019 C-HR is heavy at 3,300 pounds
  • Entune – seems pricey at $685
  • Minimal cargo space

☠️ Zombie Apocalypse Rating: D- or 2 out of 5 Zombies

The hidden-type-design rear door handles, while fun in the regular world, would probably get someone killed or left behind easily due to the simple fact that a passenger would be like “where the eff is the door handle??” as they are trying to evade an approaching zombie. Especially if we are talking “fast zombie” scenarios (such as those in  “Dawn of the Dead”) as opposed to slow shambly zombies (like the “they’re coming to get you, Bahhhbra” zombies in “Night of the Living Dead”)

Colorado Rockies Back-to-School Event with Toyota at the Sun Valley Youth Center:

So inspiring to visit Sun Valley Youth Center and hear how they are helping the community. SVYC empowers youth, families, and community for great success and focuses on transforming the lives of at-risk youth in the area. The Center is a non-profit before school, after school and summer care facility for school age kids. I especially love this: they address the needs of the whole child by helping the youth they serve grow into healthy, supported adults. Check out our livestream tour with Executive Director Kris Rollerson.
And a big shout of thanks to Toyota for donating all of the backpacks & supplies – we filled about 80 backpacks with a ton of great supplies to help the kids get their school year started off right!
There are many ways that we as a community can support them – donations are always welcome (they rely on donations for more than 60 of their funding) – in addition to monetary donations, they also love being gifted with goods and services and volunteer time – check out their Sun Valley Youth Center!
And I’m loving how the Rockies and Toyota also support amazing organizations like Sun Valley Youth Center with supplies, backpacks AND tickets to the ball game in the Toyota suite for the kids. SO much fun!


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