I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite friends, Courtney Smith Kramer and Fanatics Media to launch a series about food and wine. WHAAAT?! My world involves showcasing luxury travel experiences and I love taking people along with me to make luxury experiences actually accessible. And that’s what this show is about too! Here’s a quick overview:

Getting Tasted: A series showcasing two women over 40 who like to drink wine, experience fabulous meals & bring everyone along with them! Each episode they experience a fun & quick education from food and booze professionals along with a challenge that puts their knowledge to the test. Each episode wraps up with the challenge loser subjected to a punishment designated by the winner. The purpose of the series is to make gourmet food and fine wine accessible to people who might be intimidated by it!

Dive in, dig in and check it out:

Big huuuuge ginormous shout of thanks to Fanatics Media for partnering with us on this project and believing in our goofy vision!

And now for a serious moment about fun and aging:

One of the main points of my travel adventures is to showcase that there is life over 50 that involves adventure, curiosity, fun experiences, wanderlust, and more. Let’s face it, women over 40  are marginalized in the advertising and buying market, despite the fact that we have a tremendous amount of buying power. Being “of a certain age” can seem scary. So I want to show that it’s fun. For women. For men. For everyone! So far, I think I’m getting that message across and this show will be a good example of that… Stay Tuned!!