I was recently featured in a blogpost by my amazing friend, Ellen Melko Moore of SuperTight Brand. Ellen is a brand specialization consultant who helps intentional entrepreneurs (like moi) harness the raw power of a highly specialized offer, creating their own Thought Leader category in the marketplace. BOOM, right?

Find out just exactly what IS the FUB factor and how I put the FU in it for my brand!

Finding the Perfect FUB: Harness This Success Secret as Practiced by Visionary Entrepreneur Mia Voss

Supertight Brand has a friend who is a relentless beast with a killer nose for finding the FUB. This skill has made him a very, very wealthy man, with a string of successful businesses to his credit. He is a founder, a collaborator, a partner, and an investor in the ridiculously successful…


Want to learn more about getting your brand #SUPERTIGHT? Reach out to Ellen and her team at – she works one/one with individuals as well as offers courses that will get yo shiz in order and help you have one of the worst problems of all… TOO MANY CLIENTS.