The Last Day with my B-tern The Intern – Brandon J. Core! What a fun and adventure-filled summer with Brandon as my intern sidekick. Never underestimate the power of connections made through social media! Brandon started following me on Twitter and Snapchat and reached out to ask for an internship position via Snapchat. At the time I wasn’t even thinking about an intern but was intrigued by the offer and the way he reached out. I thought his approach was brave & innovative. After a few Facetime chats, conversations with references (including the most important reference: Brandon’s mom!), arrangements were made and Brandon arrived fresh off the plane from Alabama. Never having traveled that far in his life, he took a big chance and changed up up his entire life to work with me on my travel adventures, videos, etc.

Brandon will graduate in December 2016 with a degree in Radio & TV Broadcasting. Stay tuned for his adventures – this young man is going places!! Follow Brandon J. Core on Twitter @WavezOnSwim_ and on Snapchat @BettleJuice4

Mia Voss – Dropping off B-tern The Intern | Facebook

Dropping off B-tern The Intern