This car loan from Toyota was in exchange for my very opinionated opinion!

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Closing out the year with a fun test drive of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. I had a chance to drive the truck around Denver and also attend the  Season of Giving – Santa’s Elves event hosted by Denver Dream Center and in collaboration with Toyota.

2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

  • MSRP Cost: $46,720

  • Total Cost with Upgrades: 49,559

  • Upgrades included Desert Air Intake, Graphics Package, TRD Air Filter, Tailgate Emblenm

  • 3.5 liter V6 Direct Injection Engine

  • Gas Mileage: 18 city/22 highway – overall 20MPG

👍 Features: 

Well, it’s finally here – the technology upgrades that Toyota loyal fans have been looking for:

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Systems – finally!  (this is a HUGE deal that they offer this now – long time coming)
  • 8” touch screen display Most of the Tacoma models, including the SR5 and up will feature a much larger 8” screen, while the SR grade level will have a larger 7” touch screen.
  • Panoramic View & Multi Terrain Monitors – These cameras will help drivers by allowing them to see all around the vehicle, including in front of, along the sides of, and behind their trucks. You can also see underneath your Tacoma as well.  (perfect in the event of rough terrain or zombies)
  • Qi Wireless Charging
  • Remote Connect – allows you to lock/unlock doors, start engine and monitor vehicle status from your smart phone
  • Wi-Fi Connect
  • Safety Connect, Destination Assist, Integrated backup camera with rear parking sonar
  • Smart Key System
  • Interior Features: TRD embroidered seats & Floor mats with tire tread – I LOVED this look! Perfect for offroading & rough winter conditions

Cool Exterior Features:

  • New grill that looks old school
  • Tac – mid cycle refresh – new nose on it – retro with bold Toyota lettering
  • Grill that’s super easy to clean
  • LED daytime running light – with the cool feature – one headlight says TRD & The other says pro – Composite Bed with 120/v outlet
  • Tons of hidden locking storage areas
  • Deck Rail System for keeping your gear safely stored in back

Don’t call it a snorkel!!! 

It’s a Desert Air Intake

And for an upgrade cost of $725, you can have one too! How does it work?  The air intake places an air inlet high above the windshield, rather than the air intake coming through the wheel wells. This not only enhances the truck’s performance, but it increases its overall longevity by keeping dirt out of the engine.

But let’s be clear, it isn’t a “snorkel” meant to increase water fording depth, and there is no water fording depth listed on any of the specs. The Desert Air Intake is meant for getting cleaner air into the engine bay. So, for those of you (like me) who immediately thought of the snorkel on the truck in the movie “Dante’s Peak”, well, it’s not that kinda snorkel.

DOWNSIDE – you can’t take the truck through a car wash. Period!

That TRD Army Green Color Tho:

I got SO many compliments on that color. Mainly from women! But if you like the color, you better order now.

This model is going to be an incredibly challenging vehicle to get, just like the 2020 4Runner Army Green is already proving to be.

Pickup Truck on Emojipedia 13.0My Overall Take:

The 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is pricey for a mid-size truck at a base price of $46,720. But considering all of the capabilities off-road, it’s hard to argue with. It makes me want to buy a tent and some bug spray and get out and explore more in the Colorado mountains and beyond. And even though THAT’S not likely to happen (I’m more of a “glamping” kinda gal), I certainly felt at home driving around town in Denver and most definitely felt bad-ass in a truck in Army Green!
Bonus – The Toyota Tacoma was PERFECT for volunteer work! We were able to pick up a a large quantity of donated pet food at Phillips Pet Food for Colorado Pet Pantry, one of my favorite organizations here in Colorado. CPP provides pet food at food banks throughout Colorado, keeping hungry pets fed and with their families.

☠️ Zombie Apocalypse Rating: A- or 4 out of 5 Zombies

Look at it. It’s Army Green and has cameras that reveal hidden zombies underneath. And it can mow down zombies AND go off road easily. With the Desert Air Intake feature, the engine won’t wear out from all the dust that is inevitable once the Zombie Apocalypse has been around for a while.

Image courtesy of

Denver Dream Center Hope For the Holidays/Santa’s Elves Event:

This year’s event was held on December 14th at Coors Field and we had a blast meeting up with Taliyah and her mom to deliver gifts and chat about the holidays as well as how great Taliyah is doing at the local STEM high school here in Denver. The event was jampacked and also included hot chocolate stations and Santa! The Merry Market was a great space at the event where moms and dads needing a little extra support could shop to ensure their children had gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.

All of this was in view of the baseball field that undergoing a facelift – so cool to see in the middle of winter!

Between the Santa’s Elves event and their outreach program, Denver Dream Center provided services and gifts for over 10,000 kids this season!

I’m so happy to be part of the ToyotaPartner team – Toyota and the Hometown Partners do so much for the Denver community, all year round!


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6 replies
  1. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    This is a beautiful, fun truck that is perfect for the any terrain. Definitely makes me want to pack up the tent and bug spray. It was a blast doing all the cool things for the community when you had it.

    • Mia Voss
      Mia Voss says:

      Hahaha, right? I really would be tempted to camp! Well, maybe one night & then “glamp” the rest. I was surprised at how versatile it was for a pickup truck. From jobsite to community volunteer to shopping to movie previews!

  2. Gigi
    Gigi says:

    This truck is bada$$! I love the look of it and YES the color. The tech is great to find on a pickup truck, and the rear seats look super comfy! I know our kids would love a comfier cab than we currently have in our truck. It also looks like it could handle some serious weather, which is a definite consideration here in the Northeast US. I’d definitely take this truck for a spin based on your review and terrific pictures. Good pro-tip re: car washes with the air intake too – never would have thought of that. All in all this looks like a sweet ride.

  3. Gina Waddell
    Gina Waddell says:

    Love this truck! I’m loving the Army green. I have been driving Toyota Tacoma’s for years and they are definitely Bad Ass!! Costly, YES, but well worth the money. If you’re going to buy one, Go all the way and get the complete TRD package. I think they are the best vehicle on the road. My opinion, but it has proven to be true for me!! Love My Tacoma!!!


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