This car loan was in exchange for my very opinionated opinion!

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2019 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0T Final Edition SE

MSRP $23,940 (Convertible pricing is $28,190)

🚗 Car Details:

  • 2.0L TSI 18 valve turbocharged 4 cylinder engine
  • 174 hp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine
  • Great gas mileage: 29 MPG Overall with average of 26/city & 33/highway
  • Stonewashed Blue Metallic exterior
  • Beige & Black Cloth/Leatherette Interior
The End of an Era: As quoted in Forbes, With sales having declined since 2013, Volkswagen announced that the Beetle had reached the end of the line. Rumor on the street – The Beetle won’t come back until flying cars are a reality (Think “The Jetsons”) Because then it will be  (get ready for it):  The Flying Beetle. 🤣
This car is full up on every shiny chrome bit VW offers and has a wide variety of colors. The Silk Blue Metallic is my fave (although I wish they had the fun green from previous editions.)

🗣My Opinionated Opinion:

🚗 That ginormous single door that pretty much can knock you sideways when you combine the low center of gravity with weight. Charlie’s daughter was in fear of it! 😀

🚗 The Beetle handled well, even in the snow! And the turbo charge engine really gave it some ZIP!

🚗 Definitely suited for 2 passengers, 4 max! I tried to fit in the back with the kids and.. Let’s just say.. It was extremely uncomfortable (my butt still hurts), you are basically sitting on the seat belt hardware AND there is no seat belt available for the middle seat

🚗 The interior features were shiny (I loved the metallic features on the front dash) although some of the details felt plastic & cheap (especially in the back seat & trunk area).
The history of the Beetle is a bit nutty. Being a child of the 70’s, the Beetle is iconic but did you know the origins of the Beetle include Porsche & Hilter? Go figure – read up here:

🗣My overall take:

It’s definitely an iconic vehicle that would be fun as a 2nd car & something to hand off to the kids. The $23K pricepoint makes it do-able. Just act fast!

Thank you VW and Automotive Media Solutions for the loan in exchange for my very opinionated opinion!

#ForConsideration #BrandAmbassador #FemaleBuyingPower

👿🧠Zombie Apocalypse Rating: 2 out of 10

👹 The fuel economy of 26/33 city/highway and 29 gives it a great advantage during ZA gas crunch-crunchy times. As with other small cars I’ve reviewed, it would be for quick trip scavanging hops and also for quick hauls and getting around the compound (as always, assuming you are one lucky mofo & have an enclosed & safe compound)
👺  Another ZA advantage with smaller cars, it’s easy to navigate around car wrecks & jammed up roads.
☠️Disadvantage – Low to the ground – yikes, way too much easy access for zombies! So while you may be able to navigate around blockages & car wrecks, you could also get stuck & mobbed by zombie hordes. #ItsAThing

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