2019 Toyota Highlander SE V6

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2019 Toyota Highlander SE V6

MSRP: $45,019 (with upgrades)
MPG: 20 city/26 highway – 22 overall
+ Comfortable and quiet
+ Stylish cabin with first-rate materials
+ LOVED the seats & unique material
+ The front dashboard had a handy cubby where you could safely stash your phone, etc, with a small cutout for cords.
+ Lots of standard advanced safety features
$1810 – Rear Seat BluRay DVD system – this seems pricey considering every kid these days seem to have their own phone/ipad. Is that just me? Let me know – i don't have kids BUT this upgrade seems over the top for that pricepoint.
👎Cons –
– Squeezy & Confining third-row seat
– Standard 19″ wheels seem blah and also tend to showcase every ding & nick
– According to reviews, the 4 cylinder engine is so-so – but I can't imagine purchasing anything considered an SUV with a 4C – I mean, WHY?? Unless it's a smaller sedan, I'm sticking with the V6.
⭐️What’s new for this model:
💫Exterior upgrades
💫 Nightshade Special Edition offered on a limited basis – The Nightshade package is code for: Super Fancy Upgrades
⭐️Safety ratings are very high – 5 stars across the board except for driver frontal crash (4 stars) and rollover rating (4 stars)
👀 I loved the overall exterior look. Toyota's have a distinct exterior and this new version is no exception. The grill has nice teeth! 😁

☠️Zombie Apocalypse Rating: 7 out of 10

With a small 3rd row, it would make it tough to pick up extra supplies and certainly extra people. I mean, let's face it, when you see people offering rides during the ZA, it's always for the long haul.

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