An Epic Road Trip with Mia Voss

Admit it. EVERYONE loves a road trip! (Ok, even if you don’t, just act like you do, it will be fun!) And now YOU can experience the Road Trip adventure without leaving the comfort of your keyboard. Follow the adventures of #MiaOnTheGo as we take you from Denver (the Gateway of the Rockies) out to Los Angeles. […]

WHAT is Mia On The Go?

Mia Voss is an experience ambassador who LOVES talking about the things she loves! She’s been traveling the world and sharing her experiences with her audience and fans. Everything from food to wine, motorcycles and cars, adventures and experiences. Mia Voss is an experience junky and wants to take you along with her. Since 2012, […]

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Yet Another DC Meet Up!

One of my favorite things to do while on the road is to connect locals to each other! And then introduce them to a new local restaurant that they may not know about. So if you are in DC – join me at Cuba Libre on Sept. 10th!  I mean it.   Last week’s event […]

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An afternoon in #Cuba!

As part of my #MiaOnTheGo adventure, I had the privilege of spending the afternoon at Cuba Libre Restaurant, DC and experience Criollo (home-style) cuisine of Cuba! My friend Jed Record came along and he was the best sidekick ever! Jed drove up from Chapel Hill, NC and I am so happy he was there. Ok, Cuba Libre […]